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We use a several valuation methods in each report. Each method provides a slightly different picture of the company, rather like photographing a building from different angles. Alone or in combination, they yield a rough estimate of the company's worth.
These include:

    • Discounted cash flow analysis forecasts the company's cash flow over time.
    • Asset appraisal analysis determines the worth of a company's property, plant and equipment, often as a prelude to liquidation.
    • Replacement cost analysis evaluates a company by what it would cost to replace its assets, usually as a prelude to a merger or acquisition.
    • Comparable company analysis provides a relative business valuation based on the selling price of similar companies that recently sold. In the case of public companies, stock price is also compared.
    • Comparable transactions analysis uses, as a benchmark, companies that recently sold all or most of their equity.


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