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The key to a successful business plan is preparing it while keeping the end reader in mind.  A business plan written to raise capital is very different than a business plan being used as an operational template to launch a new business.

Why write a business plan?

  • Raise Capital
  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Analysis
  • Determine Viability
  • Identify Risks & Rewards

There are many different reasons for writing business plans for a new or existing business. One may be in order to support a loan application or to show potential equity investors. Business plans also help to define strategic objectives and identify the means in order to achieve those goals. They can be used to support documentation for the sale of a business or they can evaluate a new product line, promotion, or expansion within a business.


Business plans are successful when they illustrate a well thought out idea, presented in a clear, concise and structured manner.
A typical business plan prepared by Sullivan & Associates ltd.  incorporates a variety of sections: company description, product and service description, mission and values, sales & marketing plan, operations plan,  financial plan, industry analysis, target market, competitive analysis, management team and supporting document.

Take a look at our typical business plan headings .

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